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Memorial Day

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the men and women who serve in the U.S. armed forces and also to thank their families.  They all make a great sacrifice on our behalf.  Memorial Day has become about cookouts and parties and often about sales at the stores.  However, Memorial Day, first and foremost, should be about remembering the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


US Flag


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It’s been a long winter and even spring hasn’t been very kind to Central Ohio.  The winter was long and very cold with plenty of snow mixed in – just for fun.  Finally, the weather has broken and become warm enough for me to plant my tomatoes and herbs. 

A few weeks ago I went and bought two Roma tomato plants and a few kitchen herbs. Nothing I had last year grew back. It was just too cold and everything died. So I had to start fresh. I often grow herbs from seed, but this year I had no time and I wanted to get some plants so that I could make sure that they would be big enough this year for me to get some harvest from them.

Today turned out to be the perfect day to do it.

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About Me…

I was born and raised in Central Ohio but I’ve spent time in Cincinnati, Denver and Washington, D.C. I am married and my family wouldn’t be complete without my two cats, Mia and Sam.

I’ve been through just about everything you could imagine. Divorce (both mine and my parents)
Natural disaster (tornado, hurricane and something called a derecho)
Job loss (in the “Great Ressession”)
Terrorism (As in 9/11/01)

Somehow, I’ve survived – actually I’ve thrived. A lot bad has happened. But then, bad things happen to everyone. We all go through bad. If we didn’t – how else could we enjoy the good so much? I feel blessed that I’ve had the experiences that I’ve had. They have shaped me in every way.

I’ve learned through it all that you can’t hold on to the bitterness. You have to let go. You have to forgive even when you don’t think you can. You have to keep your chin up and smile sometimes. And always – find the humor in things. Life is too short to end up sad, lonely, and bitter.

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